Eloy - Eloy (LP)

Eloy - Eloy (LP)
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Eloy is one of German’s most important bands during the 70’s invasion of progressive rock bands all over the world. Their  music  can  be  placed  in  the  krautrock  scene  which developed at the end of 60’s. They released their first selftitled album in 1971. At this time they were a hard rock band which created some heavy pieces of music. But it does have that progressive feeling while you listen to an epic piece like the eight-minute “Something Yellow”. The power ballad “Isle of  Sun”  is  another  impressive  track.  It’s  a  nice  beginning before they went on to became a big name for the insiders of the prog.

  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl
  • Gatefold sleeve

Side One:
1. Today
2. Something Yellow
3. Eloy

Side Two:
1. Song Of A Paranoid Soldier
2. Voice Of Revelation
3. Isle Of Sun
4. Dillus Ready

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