Max Richter - Voices 2 (2LP)

Max Richter - Voices 2 (2LP)
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Voices 2 is the second album in the pioneering audio-visual Voices project, co-created with Max Richter's artistic partner Yulia Mahr. Voices was inspired by, and features text adapted from, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Voices 2 follows directly from the first part, embodying the Universal Declaration's aspiration to build a better and fairer world. The message at the core of Voices 2 is one of hope. Despite its somber mood, positivity and a sense of potential in a hopeful new future, runs throughout Voices 2At the heart of Voices is a profound sense of global community and responsibility which originates from the Grammy-nominated composer's commitment to music as activism. Voices, described by Richter as "a place to think," was a response to our tempestuous political climate and the enduring need for compassion, and Voices 2 develops this principle. While Voices focuses on the text of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Voices 2 opens up a meditative instrumental musical space to consider the ideas raised by the first record. The music is less about the world we know already and more about the hope for the future we have yet to write.

  1. Psychogeography
  2. Mirrors
  3. Follower
  4. Solitaries
  5. Movement Study
  6. Prelude 2
  7. Colour Wheel
  8. Origins (Solo)
  9. Little Requiems
  10. Mercy Duet


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