Don Rendell Quintet - Space Walk (LP)

Don Rendell Quintet - Space Walk (LP)
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Format: LP
Label: DECCA
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Originally released in 1972 with his quintet, ‘Space Walk’ was a transitional point in the career of British jazz saxophonist Don Rendell, one of the country’s most influential yet underrated figures on that scene. Coaxing invention and creativity out of a largely traditional and established palette of sounds and styles, it was his final work as a bandleader for a major label.

  • 180grm Optimal Pressing
  • Flip-back LP sleeves on 380g heavy front laminated sleeves
  • 12 x12 insert with new liner notes
  • audio download voucher


  1. Preamble
  2. Don The dreamer
  3. Sweet Dulcinea Blue
  4. Bachelor Sam
  5. Sancho


  1. The Cave Of Montesinos
  2. Propheticape
  3. Altisidora
  4. Don No More

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