Nightwish - Human. :II: Nature. (Coloured 3LP)

Nightwish - Human. :II: Nature. (Coloured 3LP)
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"HUMAN. II: NATURE." is a musical bag of magic, which is filled with unexpected twists and turns stylistically ranging from rock to metal, from folk rock to the neo-classical – yet every second sounds 100% NIGHTWISH. Goose bumps are a certainty and an incredible wealth of detail promises exciting voyages of discovery, which will still yield hidden treasures after years of intensive listening, and still allow us to find hidden secrets. It does not take a prophet to predict that the Finns will add more precious metal to their impressive collection of 25 platinum and 20 gold certifications with this future classic.

Side A:
01. Music
02. Noise
03. Shoemaker
Side B:


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