AC/DC - Let There Be Rock (CD)

AC/DC - Let There Be Rock  (CD)
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Let There Be Rock kicks up the energy level a notch from its predecessor, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, making for a bracing hard rock record of blasting guitar and basic, aggressive grooves. While slightly more metallic, AC/DC's sound was still bluesier than it would be by the time of the band's commercial breakthrough. Appealing in spite of himself, Bon Scott delivers his leering double entendres and humorous asides with typical panache, while the Young brothers' guitars bite, kick, and scratch behind him. AC/DC classics on hand include 'Problem Child,' 'Whole Lotta Rosie,' and 'Bad Boy Boogie.'

   1.    Go Down - 5:31
   2.    Dog Eat Dog - 3:34
   3.    Let There Be Rock - 6:06
   4.    Bad Boy Boogie - 4:27
   5.    Problem Child - 5:24
   6.    Overdose - 6:09
   7.    Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be - 4:14
   8.    Whole Lotta Rosie - 5:33


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