Beginning Of The End - Funky Nassau / Beginning Of The End (2CD)

Beginning Of The End - Funky Nassau / Beginning Of The End (2CD)
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From the Bahamas: Two Caribbean classics from the 70s, sound-optimized by The Carvery. Jamaica has the Reggae, Trinidad the Calypso and in the Bahamas they love Goombay Junkanoo. The Junkanoo is a form of music and dance that goes back to African origins and has existed since the time of slavery.

In 1971 the band Beginning Of The End, consisting of the three brothers Ray, Leroy and Frank Munnings, created a first crossover between Junkanoo and pop music with the mega hit "Funky Nassau". "We wanted to create something new," says frontman Ray, "something that was truly Bahamian. We loved funk but wanted to include elements of junkanoo, the indigenous music of the Bahamas." The song, an excerpt from the debut album of the same name, reached number 1 in the Billboard R'n'B charts and sold millions of copies.

The successor of "Funky Nassau" came on the market in 1976. At that time the trio was supervised by Don Taylor, the manager Bob Marleys. The latter transported the brothers to Byron Lee's Jamaican studio, where Teddy Randazzo (Little Anthony & The Imperials) took care of the recordings. "He gave us more of an uptempo jazz funk sound with Chicago-style horns," Ray characterized the production.

Strut combines both albums into a double CD with four bonus songs and an opulent booklet. This contains the whole history of the combo and rare photo material. For the new edition, the sound quality of The Carvery has been carefully adapted to the current state of the art.

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