Lisa Gerrard - Lisa Gerrard (CD)

Lisa Gerrard - Lisa Gerrard (CD)
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This retrospective makes it unmistakably clear that Lisa Gerrard is a unique and fascinating singer and composer. Lisa's musical journey began in the early 80's when she and Australian Brendan Perry Dead Can Dance founded. Over 9 albums between 1984 and 1995 her musical style became a timeless genre with influences from world music, medieval songs, baroque and celtic sounds
and electronica.
In the mid-90s Lisa's musical vision grew beyond the band's work. On her first solo album "The Mirror Pool" she accompanied the Victoria Philharmonic Orchestra. She worked with Pieter Bourke on the genre-breaking "Duality" and composed the majestic "Immortal Memory" together with Patrick Cassidy
In recent years Lisa has become a sought-after soundtrack composer - not surprising considering the cinematic quality of her music. Among the movies to which she contributed music are "Gladiator", "Heat", "Mission Impossible 2". "Whale Rider", "Insider" and "Ali". "Gladiator" was awarded the Golden Globe, other works nominated for Oscar and Grammy.

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