Blossom Toes - If Only For A Moment (CD)

Blossom Toes - If Only For A Moment (CD)
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Two years after their brilliant pop-psych debut, 1967's We Are Ever So Clean, Blossom Toes unleashed this extraordinary fusion of acid rock and prog, emphasizing how far they'd come since the summer of love. Characterized by complex song structures and memorable guitar solos, and featuring a guest appearance on sitar from U.S. folkie Shawn Philips, the album has gone on to become a major cult favorite. Heavily bootlegged over the years, this is its first official reissue. Produced with the band's full involvement, it comes with seven bonus tracks, encompassing non-LP singles, demos, out-takes and live performances, as well as a full-color 12-page booklet incorporating many rare photographs and a comprehensive band history, as well as an introduction from the band's leader, Brian Godding.

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