Clear Blue Sky - Clear Blue Sky (CD)

Clear Blue Sky - Clear Blue Sky (CD)
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Mini-lp 2500 pieces limited edition

Classic roger dean cover newly updated by artist. - original vinyl artwork in square cd digi-sleeve format (card wallet - no plastic) plus inserted fold-out poster.

Clear Blue Sky, one of the most promising british bands of the early seventies, devised this impressive debut album, now recognised as a classic of british progressive rock. although influenced by contemporaries like cream, clear blue sky was keen to experiment with new original sounds. The seven tracks include the epic ‘journey to the inside of the sun’ and dynamic performances like ‘the rocket ride’ and ‘you mystify’. produced by patrick campbell-lyons, ‘clear blue sky’ was first released on the vertigo label in january 1971, its distinctive gatefold lp cover designed by roger dean.

The trio from Acton, london features John Simmons, (guitar), Mark Sheather (bass guitar) and Ken White (drums). Eighteen-year-old Simmons wrote all the songs including ‘sweet leaf’, a distinctive shuffle riff that would appeal to status quo fans. the guitarist also handles the Jack Bruce style vocals on songs like ‘i’m comin’ home’, while ‘you mystify’ is notable for some truly haunting riffs. the final item ‘birdcatcher’ has melodic flute playing added behind a blazing guitar solo. the group was popular throughout europe, but broke up in 1975 and this proved the band’s sole album.

Long been sought after by fans it is made available by Repertoire, fully restored and remastered with the addition of informative new cd liner notes

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