Vikingur Olafsson - Philip Glass Piano Works (2LP)

Vikingur Olafsson - Philip Glass Piano Works (2LP)
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Icelandic pianist Vikingur Olafsson pays tribute to the master of minimal music, Philip Glass. Olafsson was one of a handful of young pianists selected by Glass to perform all of his Etudes together in London, and the reviews were ecstatic. In addition to the Etudes for solo piano, the album includes reworks of the originals for piano and string quartet with the Siggi String Quartet.

Siggi String Quartet (A-4, D-3)
Vikingur Olafsson, piano

Side A:
Philip Glass (*1937)

1. Opening
2. No. 6
3. No. 3
4. Opening (reworked by Christian Badzura)
Side B:
5. No. 5
6. No. 13
7. No. 14
8. No. 5
Side C:
1. No. 9
2. No. 15
3. No. 18
4. No. 9
Side D:
1. No. 2
2. No. 20
3. No. 2(reworked by Christian Badzura)

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