The Buckinghams - Time & Charges (LP)

The Buckinghams - Time & Charges (LP)
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Producer James William Guercio took on such a major role in the Buckinghams' second album that he amounted to a more influential force, perhaps, than anyone in the band. He arranged, conducted, and wrote or co-wrote six of the ten selections. Most noticeably, there were orchestral arrangements, complete with tympanis and blaring horns, that wouldn't have been out of place in film scores, large jazz bands, or even (at their most dissonant) early Frank Zappa records. Obviously he and/or the band were trying to be more experimental than they could on their hit singles, and the inclusion of the hit pop singles "Don't You Care" and "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy" made the LP all the more a strange affair. Not nearly as rock-oriented as their debut album, it was a quirky failure, as the Buckinghams were ultimately much more suited towards making AM singles than delving into somewhat strange orchestrated horn rock (although Guercio's songs were usually fairly hummable love songs when the arrangements were stripped away). In fact, the strongest cut other than the hit singles, "Remember," could have been a hit without the oddball horn charts.

1. Don't You Care - 2:30
 2. Pitied Be The Dragon Hunter - 2:28
 3. And Our Love - 2:47
 4. Why Don't You Love Me - 2:27
 5. You Are Gone - 3:31
 6. I'll Be Back - 2:38
 7. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy - 2:48
 8. Remember - 2:24
 9. The Married Life - 3:43
10. Foreign Policy - 4:17

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