Social Distortion - Social Distortion (LP)

Social Distortion - Social Distortion (LP)
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Social Distortion's third eponymous album from 1990 turned out to be their best-known work and would come to spawn the most hits, with singles "Ball And Chain", "Story Of My Life" and the Johnny Cash cover "Ring Of Fire". It mixed Punk with Rockabilly, Blues & Country, and split the difference between Rockabilly and Ramones-style Punk. This album strikes a chord with those seeking the roots of punk grunge rock heritage. Albums like this prove why Social Distortion was able to survive the demise of the LA Hardcore scene with flair and come out on top!

Side A

1. So Far Away
2. Let It Be Me
3. Story Of My Life
4. Sick Boys
5. Ring Of Fire

Side B

1. Ball And Chain
2. It Coulda Been Me
3. She's A Knockout
4. A Place In My Heart
5. Drug Train

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