Curtis Harding - Soul Power (LP)

Curtis Harding - Soul Power (LP)
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Curtis Harding says that soul music, and his music, speak for themselves.  It’s self-evident on the Atlanta artist’s debut, Soul Power.  The driving sound of his electrified Stratocaster, the foot-stomping backbeat and the lyrics swimming in reverb -- with something this flourishing, it’s almost reductive to just dig around the roots.  Harding’s style was born in Michigan and bred on the road, a restless childhood spent singing gospel alongside an evangelising mother, then cultivated in Atlanta, where he sang backup for Cee-Lo Green and befriended the Black Lips (he plays with Cole Alexander in Night Sun).  In the weeks and months following Soul Power’s US release, Harding’s relationship with the open road would continue unabated, being invited on a US tour with ardent supporter Jack White - having previously wowed audiences at this year’s SXSW - while he brought his slop n’ soul to the UK for a run of shows in November / December 2014.  

But, as befits a restless traveler, his music calls one place home, but fits in anywhere. T he heartbreaking optimism of ‘Next Time’, a wry break-up tale mapping out a road the protagonists may never meet upon, the bottom-scraping blues of ‘Castaway’, or the wistful affection of ‘Keep on Shining’ could easily be Harding’s story, or yours. They’re scenes you didn’t perform in, but know all the lines.  There’s a foundation to the stirring soul Harding has created. “Gospel is inspiring,” says Harding. “From hardship and trials, you make something beautiful. It’s the history of black people in America, what happened to us during slavery, it’s the foundation of blues, R&B, soul, country, rock.” But he’s not just preaching to the choir -- Harding’s out there on the road, singing alongside everyone else looking for something real.

01. Next Time 02. Castaway 03. Keep On Shining 04. Freedom 05. Surf 06. I Don't Wanna Go Home 07. Beautiful People 08. The Drive 09. Heaven's On The Other Side 10. Drive My Car 11. I Need A Friend 12. Cruel World

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