Gary Clark Jr. - This Land (2LP)

Gary Clark Jr. - This Land (2LP)
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On his third full-length album, This Land Grammy Award-winning guitar maverick Gary Clark Jr. channels his signature sense of soul from the crossroads of rock ‘n' roll, blues, jazz, hip-hop, reggae and punk. Featuring Clark Jr.'s most accomplished songwriting and virtuosic performances to date, This Land is a socially relevant, transcendentally ambitious, and musically rich declaration. It's a body of work that is dynamic in every sense, embodying an ever-evolving sound that has transformed Clark Jr. into an artistic force anointed by everyone from President Barack Obama to the late Prince. This Land is introduced by the powerful, take no prisoners title track single.

Side 1:
1. This Land
2. What About Us
3. I Got My Eyes On You (Locked & Loaded)
4. I Walk Alone
Side 2:
1. Feelin' Like A Million
2. Gotta Get Into Something
3. Got To Get Up
4. Feed The Babies
5. Pearl Cadillac
Side 3:
1. When I'm Gone
2. The Guitar Man
3. Low Down Rolling Stone
4. The Governor
Side 4:
1. Don't Wait Til Tomorrow
2. Dirty Dishes Blues
3. Highway 71 (Bonus Track)
4. Did Dat (Bonus Track)

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