Dub Pistols - Worshipping The Dollar (CD)

Dub Pistols - Worshipping The Dollar (CD)
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  1. Alive ft Red Star Lion
  2. West End Story ft Akala & Dan Bowskill
  3. Mucky Weekend ft Rodney P
  4. Bang Bang ft Kitten & The Hip
  5. Rub A Dub ft Darrison / Sir Real & Dan Bowskill
  6. New Skank ft TK Lawrence & Dan Bowskill
  7. Rocksteady ft Rodney P & Lindy Layton
  8. Counter Measure
  9. Gunshot ft Darrison & Rodney P
  10. Bad Card ft Sir Real & Dan Bowskill
  11. Give A Little Dub ft Bunna







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