Buffalo - Volcanic Rock (LP)

Buffalo - Volcanic Rock (LP)
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One of the great lost classic Australian LPs from the 1970's is Buffalo's 2nd. LP: Volcanic Rock - one of the band's greatest records and essentially the first stoner rock album ever issued in Australia.
The importance of Volcanic Rock can never be underestimated. This is the album that established the band\'s reputation for dispensing uncompromising heavy psych rock of monumental proportions; this is the album that continues to enthral aficionados of the genre the world over. It was this LP that established the classic line-up of: vocalist Dave Tice (who later joined UK R&B band The Count Bishops), guitarist John Baxter, bass player Pete Wells (who later switched to slide guitar in another legendary Aussie band: Rose Tattoo), and drummer Jimmy Economou.

  1. Sunrise (Comy My Way)
  2. Freedom
  3. Till My Death
  4. The Prophet
  5. Intro:Pound of Flesh
  6. Shylock

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