Sandy Coast - Subject Of My Thoughts (9CD Box Set)

Sandy Coast - Subject Of My Thoughts (9CD Box Set)
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Hans Vermeulen was the driving force behind the Dutch band Sandy Coast and later on Rainbow Train and The Train. He also had a very successful career as a solo artist, songwriter and producer.
This 9-disc boxset is the ultimate tribute to this special artist who suddenly passed away last November. The ‘Subject Of My Thoughts’ boxset contains the 6 original Sandy Coast albums as well as Vermeulen’s solo album ‘I Only Know My Name’ and both the Rainbow Train and The Train album.
Also included is a disc that contains rarities, non-album singles and B-sides next to some Hans Vermeulen solo singles and collaborations with Anita Meyer & Ruth Jacott.

CD1: Sandy Coast – And Their Name Is… (1968)
CD2: Sandy Coast – From The Workshop (1968)
CD3: Sandy Coast – Shipwreck (1969)
CD4: Sandy Coast – Sandy Coast (1971)
CD5: Sandy Coast – Stone Wall (1973)
CD6: Sandy Coast – Terreno (1981)
CD7: Hans Vermeulen – I Only Know My Name (1976)
CD8: Rainbow Train – Accompanied By (1978) / The Train – Gentlemen Street (1979)
CD9: Selected Rarities

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