Nirvana - Rainbow Chaser: The 60s Recordings (The Island Years) (2CD)

Nirvana - Rainbow Chaser: The 60s Recordings (The Island Years) (2CD)
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The first 2 albums from the UK's psychedelic trailblazers Nirvana reissued together in a 2CD package, featuring 52 tracks with 27 previously unreleased outtakes, demos and alternative versions. This is an essential package for fans of 60s psych with a 5000 word sleeve-note from Total Rock's Malcolm Dome.

CD1 The Story Of Simon Simopath EXPANDED

  1. Wings Of Love
  2. Lonely Boy
  3. We Can Help You
  4. Satellite Jockey
  5. In The Courtyard Of The Stars
  6. You Are Just The One
  7. Pentecost Hotel
  8. I Never Had A Love Like This Before
  9. Take This Hand
  10. 1999
  11. I Believe In Magic
  12. Feelin’ Shattered
  13. Flashbulb
  14. C Side In Ocho Rios
  15. Requiem For John Coltrane
  16. Lonely Boy (Instrumental)
  17. I Never Had A Love Like This Before (Instrumental)
  18. Tiny Goddess (Original 1967 version)
  19. Life Ain’t Easy
  20. Goodbye Baby Bunting
  21. Omnibus (Original version)
  22. Oscar (Oh! What A Performance) (Long version 1 with Spooky Tooth)
  23. Oscar (Oh! What A Performance) (Long version 2 with Spooky Tooth)
  24. Goodbye Baby Bunting (Demo)
  25. City Of The South (Instrumental)
  26. Trapeze (Demo)
  27. Darling Darlane (Long version - take 3)

CD2 … All of Us EXPANDED

  1. Rainbow Chaser
  2. Tiny Goddess
  3. The Touchables (All Of Us)
  4. Melanie Blue
  5. Trapeze
  6. The Show Must Go On
  7. Girl In The Park
  8. Miami Masquerade
  9. Frankie The Great
  10. You Can Try It
  11. Everybody Loves The Clown
  12. St. John’s Wood Affair
  13. Oh! What A Performance
  14. Darling Darlane
  15. Rainbow Chaser (Without phasing)
  16. The Touchables (All Of Us) (Instrumental)
  17. The Show Must Go On (Vocal & Bouzouki version)
  18. Frankie The Great (Alternative version)
  19. You Can Try It (Alternative version)
  20. Everybody Loves The Clown (Alternative take)
  21. The Touchables (All Of Us) (Female vocal version)
  22. Excerpt From “The Blind & The Beautiful” (Alternative take)
  23. Black Flower (Alternative take)
  24. Love Suite (Instrumental)
  25. Melanie Blue (2017 version)

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