Blodwyn Pig - Ahead Rings Out/Getting To This (2CD)

Blodwyn Pig - Ahead Rings Out/Getting To This (2CD)
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Blodwyn Pig became something of a favourite on the underground concert circuit in the late sixties and early seventies. Formed by Mick Abrahams after he left Jethro Tull he was guitarist and songwriter on the ‘Tull’ album “This Was”. Joined by Andy Pyle, Jack Lancaster and Ron Berg – both their albums charted in the top 10 in the UK as well as charting in the USA.

  • Deluxe Edition Released in an 8 panel digi pack in O card, with poster containing Mick Abrahams updated 2018 track notes for ‘Ahead Rings Out’.
  • The double CD package contains both albums on separate discs.

Ahead Rings Out

1. It’s Only Love (Abrahams)
2. Dear Jill (Abrahams)
3. Sing Me Song That I Know (Abrahams)
4. The Modern Alchemist (Lancaster)
5. Up and Coming (Abrahams, Lancaster, Pyle, Berg)
6. Leave It With Me (Lancaster)
7. Change Song (Abrahams)
8. Backwash (Abrahams, Lancaster, Pyle & Berg)
9. Ain’t Ya Coming Home, Babe? (Abrahams, Lancaster, Pyle)

Bonus Tracks:

10. Sweet Caroline (Abrahams)
11. Walk On The Water (Abrahams)
12. Summer Day (Abrahams, Pyle)
13. McGregor Muckabout (Abrahams) Previously Unreleased

Getting To This

1. Drive Me (Abrahams)
2. Variations On Nainos (Abrahams)
3. See My Way (Abrahams)
4. Long Bomb Blues (Abrahams)
5. The Squirreling Must Go On (Abrahams, Pyle)
6. San Francisco Sketches (Lancaster)
a. Beach Scape
b. Fisherman’s Wharf
c. Telegraph Hill
d. Close the Door, I’m Falling Out of the Room
7. Worry (Pyle)
8. Toys (Abrahams)
9. To Rassman (Berg)
10. Send Your Son To Die (Abrahams)

Bonus Tracks:

11. Same Old Story (Abrahams) A Side Single,
May 1970
12. Slow Down (Williams) B Side, Same Old
Story, May 1970
13. Meanie Mornay (Abrahams) Outtake from ‘Getting To This’ album
14 . One Thing Leads To Another (Abrahams) Previously Unreleased


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