Augustines - This Is Your Life (CD)

Augustines - This Is Your Life (CD)
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Although their acclaimed debut album was released in 2011, singer/guitarist Billy McCarthy and multi-instrumentalist Eric Sanderson have been making music together since the formation of their band Pela in 2001. The dissolution of that band led to the start of Augustines. With the duo now joined by drummer Rob Allen, the band's deeply personal first two albums, Rise Ye Sunken Ships (2011) and Augustines (2014), resonated hugely with fans and critics alike. Now the band returns in 2016 with their highly anticipated third album, This Is Your Life, recorded in New Orleans and Los Angeles with long-time associate Peter Katis (The National, Interpol, Frightened Rabbit).

1. Are We Alive
2. When Things Fall Apart
3. The Forgotten Way
4. Running In Place (feat. Pape & Cheikh)
5. May You Keep Well (feat. Pape & Cheikh)
6. Landmine
7. Hold Me Loneliness
8. No Need To Explain
9. This Is Your Life
10. Days Roll By


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