Crowded House - Together Alone (Deluxe 2CD)

Crowded House - Together Alone (Deluxe 2CD)
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Crowded House‘s 1993 album Together Alone took the melodic craftsmanship of Woodface and, courtesy of producer Youth, added liberal sprinklings of spirituality and sensuality, creating a massively powerful and emotional record.

The bonus disc features many demos including Fingers of Love, Private Universe, Distant Sun, Black and White Boy and B-side I Am In Love (the original is on Afterglow). It also features Zen Roxy, another B-side which isn’t on Afterglow!

Original Album

  1. Kare Kare
  2. In My Command
  3. Nails In My Feet
  4. Black & White Boy
  5. Fingers Of Love
  6. Pineapple Head
  7. Locked Out
  8. Private Universe
  9. Walking On The Spot
  10. Distant Sun
  11. Catherine Wheels
  12. Skin Feeling
  13. Together Alone

Bonus Disc

  1. Blue Smoke (home demo)
  2. Fingers Of Love (writing demo)
  3. Private Universe (home demo)
  4. The Same Language As Me (live)
  5. Tail Of A Comet (live)
  6. Distant Sun (writing demo)
  7. I Am In Love (band demo)
  8. Fingers Of Love (band demo)
  9. Fingers Of Love (alternative studio take)
  10. Black And White Boy (early rough mix)
  11. Locked Out (Zen mix)
  12. Newcastle Jam (studio version)
  13. Convent Girls
  14. Zen Roxy

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