Crowded House - Afterglow (Deluxe 2CD)

Crowded House - Afterglow (Deluxe 2CD)
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Afterglow is a 1999 Crowded House compilation album that has been given ‘proper’ album status as far as the new reissue campaign is concerned.

The album consists of rarities and outtakes recorded between 1985 and 1994. The new two-CD deluxe is a great idea because the bonus disc here is the perfect place to put the master versions of Instinct, Not The Girl You Think You Are (probably the most ‘Beatlesque’ thing Neil ever recorded) and Everything Is Good For You. The previously unreleased demos for all three are also included.

Original Album

  1. I Am in Love
  2. Sacred Cow
  3. You Can Touch
  4. Help Is Coming
  5. I Love You Dawn
  6. Dr. Livingstone
  7. My Telly’s Gone Bung
  8. Private Universe [Acoustic Mix]
  9. Lester” [Demo]
  10. Anyone Can Tell
  11. Recurring Dream
  12. Left Hand
  13. Time Immemorial

Bonus Disc

01. I am in love home demo
02. instinct home demo
03. spirit of the stairs home demo
04. I’m so scared of losing I can’t compete home demo
05. everything is good for you home demo
06. not the girl you think you are home demo
07. anthem
08. I don’t know you studio demo
09. taste of something divine studio demo
10. spirit of the stairs studio demo
11. loose tongue rough mix
12. instinct
13. everything is good for you
14. not the girl you think you are

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