Purson - Desire's Magic Theatre (Deluxe CD)

Purson - Desire's Magic Theatre (Deluxe CD)
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Purson are described by their leader Rosalie Cunningham (formerly of Ipso Facto) as “vaudeville carny psych”, so you know that this will be a fun listen. Desire’s Magic Theatre is in fact a rock opera in classic overblown proggy style, the band plunging into dramatic, cabaret-worthy territory. Released by Spinefarm.

  1. Desires Magic Theatre
  2. Electric Landlady
  3. Dead Dodo Down
  4. Pedigree Chums
  5. The Sky Parade
  6. The Window Cleaner
  7. The Way It Is
  8. Mr. Howard
  9. I Know
  10. The Bitter Suite
  11. Unsure Overture*
  12. I Know (Acoustic)*
  13. The Sky Parade (Acoustic)*

*Exclusive bonus track


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