Conan - Man Is Myth: Early Demos (CD)

Conan - Man Is Myth: Early Demos (CD)
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"Man Is Myth - Early Demos" - The unheard beasts of everything that CONAN stands for!

Britain's dirtiest doom metal-band CONAN provide insights into a secret world! "Man Is Myth - Early Demos" are unheard beasts out of their rehearsal room and studio. It roars and cranks all over, dull distortion drags nerves into the coldest regions of the world. It's no accident that they call themselves Caveman Battle Doom. "Man Is Myth - Early Demos" is the primordial soup for everything that CONAN stands for. There is nothing that fascinates more than the crudity of underlying ideas of eventual noise-hits. "Satsumo" revives in it’s rawness of the demo-version of 2006, "Gravity Chasm" throbs with booming guitars. The grand finale is the previously unreleased "Domed Iron Boss" - the cherry on top of the cake.

1 Battle In The Swamp (rehearsal room demo 2009)
2 Satsumo (rehearsal room demo 2009)
3 Krull (rehearsal room demo 2009)
4 Satsumo (rehearsal room demo 2006)
5 Gravity Chasm (studio demo 2012)
6 Foehammer (studio demo 2012)
7 Domed Iron Boss (studio demo 2012)


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