Manic Street Preachers - Send Away The Tigers (2CD+DVD Box Set)

Manic Street Preachers - Send Away The Tigers (2CD+DVD Box Set)
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Manic Street Preachers’ eighth studio album ‘Send Away The Tigers’ celebrates its tenth anniversary in May and to mark the occasion a 10 Year Collectors’ Edition of the album packed with unheard music, unseen footage and artwork from the band’s own archive is being released.

The Collectors’ Edition will be available as a 2CD/1DVD folio book featuring the original album remastered by James Dean Bradfield, a second disc of b-sides and rarities and a DVD including the band’s full 2007 Glastonbury performance plus previously unseen rehearsal footage, an album track-by-track and promo videos.

This comes packaged with a beautiful folio book of artwork and handwritten lyric sheets from Nicky Wire’s personal archive alongside photos and liner notes.

A digital download featuring the remastered album as well as all the b-sides and rarities included in the CD release will also be available.


1 Send Away The Tigers
2 Welcome To The Dead Zone
3 Your Love Alone Is Not Enough (feat. Nina Persson)
4 Indian Summer
5 The Second Great Depression
6 Rendition
7 Autumnsong
8 I’m Just A Patsy
9 Imperial Bodybags
10 Winterlovers
11 Working Class Hero
12 Send Away the Tigers (DEMO, Faster Studios)
13 Underdogs (DEMO, Faster Studios)
14 Your Love Alone Is Not Enough (DEMO – 60’s Jangle, Faster Studios)
16 The Second Great Depression (DEMO, Faster Studios)
18 Autumnsong (DEMO, Faster Studios)
20 Imperial Bodybags (DEMO, Faster Studios)
21 Winterlovers (DEMO, Faster Studios)


1 Leviathan
2 Umbrella
3 Ghost Of Christmas
4 Boxes & Lists
5 Love Letter to the Future
6 Little Girl Lost
7 Fearless Punk Ballad
8 Your Love Alone Is Not Enough (Nina Solo Acoustic)
9 Red Sleeping Beauty (McCarthy cover)
10 The Long Goodbye
11 Morning Comrades
12 1404
13 The Vorticists
14 Autumnsong (Acoustic version)
15 Anorexic Rodin
16 Heyday of the Blood
17 Foggy Eyes (Beat Happening Cover)
18 Lady Lazarus
19 You Know It’s Going to Hurt

Live at Glastonbury 24.06.07

1 You Love Us
2 Motorcycle Emptiness
3 You Stole the Sun From My Heart
4 Faster
5 Your Love Alone Is Not Enough (with Nina Persson)
6 Everything Must Go
7 From Despair to Where
8 Autumnsong
9 Ocean Spray
10 If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next
11 La Tristesse Durera (Scream to a Sigh)
12 Imperial Bodybags
13 Motown Junk
14 A Design for Life


1 Your Love Alone Is Not Enough video
2 Making of Your Love Alone Is Not Enough video
3 Autumnsong video
4 Autumnsong alternative video
5 Indian Summer video
6 Track By Track
7 Rehearsals, Cardiff March 2007
8 Practice Sessions

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