Miles Mosley - Uprising (LP)

Miles Mosley - Uprising (LP)
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Opening the floodgates to Los Angeles-based upright bass virtuoso and composer Miles Mosley's new album Uprising, "Young Lion" bursts with energy from every seam. Scorching horn lines, slick keys and a propulsive rhythm section unlike any other in modern music, the end of the track is supplanted with a mind-bending effects laced bass solo from Miles that shows why he's one of the most respected bassists alive. A perfect beginning to the story of Uprising. It encapsulates the dynamic range of genres and expression that traces the rest of the album.

Uprising serves as his most personal and defining climb throughout his long-time career in the music industry. For Miles, it combines a deep love of songwriting with an innovative, truly one-of-a-kind ability on the upright bass. A balance he has worked decades to execute with precision, quality and taste. 
Uprising features the collective Miles co-founded, the West Coast Get Down, a family of musicians he helped bring together during their formative years. Miles and company blend into a unified system of brilliant luminance throughout. Kamasi Washington, Ryan Porter, Zane Musa, Dontae Winslow and the other L.A. horn players shout from the mountain tops; Brandon Coleman brings unrelenting funk on vintage keys; Cameron Graves displays his ethereal piano virtuosity, and Tony Austin holds it down with equal measure on drums and the production/engineering chair.

  1. Young Lion
  2. Abraham
  3. L.A. Won't Bring You Down
  4. More Than This
  5. Heartbreaking Efforts of Others
  6. Shadow of Doubt
  7. Reap A Soul
  8. Sky High
  9. Your Only Cover
  10. Tuning Out
  11. Fire


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