Brant Bjork - Europe '16 (Digi 2CD)

Brant Bjork - Europe '16 (Digi 2CD)
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Brant Bjork has come to revive your spirit! From the opening guitar shenanigans of his first live album "Europe '16", recorded in Berlin, one can sense a reincarnation of Jimi Hendrix that heads to new spheres. This is controlled madness between trippy and doomy, smooth and sludgy. Kyuss- and Fu Manchu legend Brant Bjork delivers lush Stoner Rock with balls of steel, winged by vivid solo guitars and his creaking whiskey tinged voice. In sobriety psychedelic melodies raise to huge groove monsters. The air feels dry from the dust; the inner eye witnesses the setting sun morphing the desert sand into a glowing sea. "Europe '16" lives from exquisite Desert Rock grade A. Live and pure.

  • LTD First Edition 2 CD 6 Page Digipack

CD 1:
1. Buddha Time
2. Controllers Destroyed
3. Humble Pie
4. Stackt
5. The Greeheen
6. Lazy Bones/ Automatic Fantastic
7. Stokely Up Now

CD 2:
1. Dave’s War
2. Biker #2
3. Freaks of Nature
4. Low Desert Punk
5. Let the Truth Be Known-Jumpin Jack Flash

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