Jarrod Dickenson - Ready The Horses (CD)

Jarrod Dickenson - Ready The Horses (CD)
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Jarrod Dickenson's recently released third LP, ‘Ready the Horses’, is a splendid collection of music we can conveniently label Americana but actually tips its hat to soul, country and the blues (with a tinge of jazz too). Despite his move to Brooklyn, there’s not much of the city so good they named it twice, but rather it’s redolent of the South: no surprise, as Dickenson hails from Waco, Texas. Surprisingly for an album so steeped in musical tropes from south of the Mason/Dixon line, it was recorded here in the UK. Recorded on to old fashioned 2’ tape, which gives it a gorgeous warm feel, like some forgotten buried audio treasure unearthed by a crate digger in Alabama.

1 Faint Of Heart  
2 Take It From Me  
3 Your Heart Belongs To Me  
4 Way Past Midnight  
5 In The Meantime  
6 California  
7 Gold Rush  
8 A Cowboy & The Moon  
9 Nothing More  
10 I Won't Quit


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