Evanescence - Synthesis (2LP+CD)

Evanescence - Synthesis (2LP+CD)
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EVANESCENCE are returning with SYNTHESIS, their fourth and most ambitious album to date, set for a November 10th release. The album features a reworking of some of EVANESCENCE’s best-loved songs recorded with a full orchestra and electronica combined with the band and Amy Lee’s virtuoso piano and voice.

Side A:
1. Overture
2. Never Go Back
3. Hi-Lo
4. My Heart is Broken
Side B:
5. Lacrymosa
6. The End of The Dream
7. Bring Me To Life (Synthesis)
8. Unraveling (Interlude)
9. Imaginary
Side C:
1. Secret Door
2. Lithium
3. Lost in Paradise
4. Your Star
Side D:
5. My Immortal
6. The In-Between (piano solo)
7. Imperfection

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