Sweet Nuthin' - A Call To Arms (LP)

Sweet Nuthin' - A Call To Arms (LP)
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This record is the product of the meeting and collaboration of several musicians from Athens' underground scene, in several roles, around a central core, in a period ranging from 2009 to 2016, aiming at the creation of good music. Here participate, among others, members or ex members of the Psykicks, the Mongrelettes, the B-Sides, the Blue Night Trip, the Zyklons, Dive, Icebreaker, the Cardinals, Overdose of Reality, Anika, Dive, Big Eater, Mint Mind, the Dudettes, Sister and the Parkinsons.
The orchestra has never played before an audience, as it prefers to conspire behind the closed doors of the studios.
The tracks range from multi channel recordings of full-blown compositions in a studio spirit, through playful home recordings, to free-form jamming. Organs range from guitars and synths to horns and kazoo and style begins with space punk, continues with psych folk and ends in a triumph with rhythm 'n' blues.


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