Vodka Juniors - Warrior Anthems (Coloured LP)

Vodka Juniors - Warrior Anthems (Coloured LP)
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Format: LP
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In 2018 the so called cradle of democracy, also known as the crematorium of hopes and dreams, has given birth to the 7th Vodka Juniors studio album "Warrior Anthems". A tribute to the fighting youth of today. 11 Dynamite tracks for the weak, the lost and the wounded. "Warrior Anthems" sets to tear down the walls of greed, dishonesty, oppression and depression, aiming to awake the dead souls and provoke the silent ones. An adrenaline shot straight in the eye of the ones that are afraid to raise their voice. The album musically blends punk music with electronic, dance and hip-hop sounds in an attempt to break all music boundaries and deliver an emotional bloodbath through words, sound and rhythm.

  • Red coloured vinyl edition

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