John Lee Hooker - Burnin' / Travelin' (Coloured 2LP)

John Lee Hooker - Burnin' / Travelin' (Coloured 2LP)
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Originally released on the legendary Vee-Jay Records and digitally remastered, two LP’s + bonus tracks!: Burnin’ was released in 1962 and combines 12 tracks of electric material performed by Hooker backed by a band on “”Boom Boom,” “Blues Before Sunrise,” “Drug Store Woman,” and “What Do You Say.” Travelin’ (1960) One of John Lee Hooker’s best, and an essential blues classic. Also known as the “No Shoes” album. The Vee Jay label spent a bit of money on the recording, giving Hooker enough studio time to get all the songs just right. There are 12 cuts to the original album but it was still a short one as none of those songs was longer than two minutes and thirty-seven seconds.

  • Limited mixed Solid Orange & Yellow coloured edition

LP 1 - Side A: 1. Boom Boom 2. Process 3. Lost A Good Girl 4. A New Leaf 5. Blues Before Sunrise 6. Let’s Make It 7. I Got A Letter 8. Thelma
Side B: 1. Drug Store Woman 2. Keep Your Hands To Yourself 3. What Do Yo BONUS TRACKS - 5 from The Folk Lore of John Lee Hooker 4. Tupelo 5. Want Ad Blues 6. The Hobo 7. Wednesday Evening Blues 8. You’re Looking Good Tonight

LP 2 - Side C: 1. No Shoes 2. I Wanna Walk 3. Canal Street Blues 4. Run On 5. I’m A Stranger 6. Whiskey And Wimmen 7. Solid Sender 8. Sunny Land
Side D: 1. Goin’ To California 2. I Can’t Believe 3. I’ll Know Tonight 4. Dusty Road BONUS TRACKS - 4 from That’s My Story: John Lee Hooker Sings the Blues 5. I Need Some Money 6. I’m Wanderin’ 7. Gonna Use My Rod 8. One Of These Days


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