Kovacs - Cheap Smell (CD)

Kovacs - Cheap Smell (CD)
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She’s had much to learn from. It takes strength, determination and gold-plated talent to turn a tale like Kovacs’ – full of rejection, discouragement, ex-lovers and absent fathers – into an award-winning international success story. But via a lifetime of hard knocks, this shaven-headed enigma hiding the voice of a soul legend beneath her fluffy bear hood has forged her own unique path through life’s twists and tangles, and made, in her second album ‘Cheap Smell’, one of the most open, honest and inspired future soul albums of the decade.

  1. Priceless 
  2. Adickted
  3. It’s the Weekend
  4. Freakshow
  5. Mama & Papa
  6. I Better Run
  7. Cheap Smell
  8. Oblivion
  9. Midnight Medicine
  10. Play Me
  11. Love Song
  12. Black Spider
  13. Foolish
  14. Skyscraping
  15. Final Song

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