Mark Lanegan & Duke Garwood - With Animals (LP)

Mark Lanegan & Duke Garwood - With Animals (LP)
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Over the last decade, Lanegan and Garwood have worked in tangent on 2013’s ‘Black Pudding’ as well as on Lanegan’s solo records (Garwood contributed to 2012’s ‘Blues Funeral’ and 2017’s ‘Gargoyle’ after which he toured as part of Lanegan’s band). This summer, the duo are set to release their second album ‘With Animals’ on Friday 24th August.

‘With Animals’, the twelve songs are spectral and sinewy, often defined by the spaces in between the sounds. A ghost’s whistle weaves itself around a pulsing single note on ‘Lonesome Infidel’; ‘Feast to Famine’s’ hard luck story floats above a guitar part so strung out and washed with distortion it’s become barely recognisable. It’s soul music for anyone who’s long since left the crossroads.

  1. Save Me
  2. Feast to Famine
  3. My Shadow Life
  4. Upon Doing Something Wrong
  5. L.A Blue
  6. Scarlett
  7. Lonesome Infidel
  8. With Animals
  9. Ghost Stories
  10. Spaceman
  11. One Way Glass
  12. Desert Song


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