Running wild - Pieces Of Eight (Limited Deluxe Box Set)

Running wild - Pieces Of Eight (Limited Deluxe Box Set)
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"Pieces Of Eight - The Singles, Live and Rare. 1984 - 1994" contains 6 classic RUNNING WILD Singles and the best of compilation "First Years Of Piracy" all on CD, as well as the "Ready For Boarding" on golden double vinyl.

It also contains:
- Collectable ‘Piece Of Eight’ coin in printed velvet pouch
- 90cm x 60cm 2 sided poster of classic line-up photo

Ready For Boarding LP 1: Live In Munich, Nov 1987
1. Hymn Of Long John Silver
2. Under Jolly Roger
3. Genghis Khan
4. Raise Your Fist
5. Purgatory
6. Mordor
7. Diabolic Force
8. Raw Ride
9. Adrian (S.O.S.)
10. Prisoner Of Our Time

Ready For Boaring LP 2: Live in Düsseldorf, Oct 1989
1. Intro
2. Riding The Storm
3. Bad To The Bone
4. Raw Ride
5. Raging Fire
6. Tortuga Bay
7. Uaschtschun
8. Bass Solo
9. Conquistadores
10. Prisoner Of Our Time

First Years Of Piracy CD:
1. Under Jolly Roger
2. Branded and Exiled
3. Soldiers of Hell
4. Raise Your Fist
5. Walpurgis Night
6. Fight the Oppression
7. Marching to Die
8. Raw Ride
9. Diamonds of the Black Chest
10. Prisoner of Our Time

Victim of States Power CD Single:
1. Victim of States Power
2. Walpurgis Night (The Sign of Women's Fight)
3. Satan

Bad to the Bone CD Single:
1. Bad to the Bone
2. The Battle of Waterloo
3. March On

Wild Animal CD Single:
1. Wild Animal
2. Chains and Leather
3. Tear Down the Walls
4. Störtebeker

Little Big Horn CD Single:
1. Little Big Horn
2. Billy the Kid
3. Genocide (Thin Lizzy cover)

Lead or Gold CD Single:
1. Lead or Gold
2. Hanged, Drawn and Quartered
3. Win or Be Drowned

The Privateer CD Single:
1. The Privateer
2. Dancing On a Minefield
3. Poisoned Blood

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