Nashville Pussy - Pleased To Eat You (LP)

Nashville Pussy - Pleased To Eat You (LP)
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The Gods of Rock smiled upon on NASHVILLE PUSSY in creating the band's brand new studio album, "Pleased To Eat You". Combining the talents of producer Daniel Rey (RAMONES, WHITE ZOMBIE, Ronnie Spector and RAGING SLAB) and studio engineer David Barrick (BLACK STONE CHERRY, THE KENTUCKY HEADHUNTERS, MARSHALL TUCKER BAND), the band was fresh off an international tour and hungry for new songs to sink their teeth.

"Pleased To Eat You" is their seventh studio album and certainly another milestone recording by the band you'll need to share with your mom: Bourbon, BBQ, horse farms, good people, and a great fucking record. Seriously, you'll hardly find a band that manages to act so easy, so fast and yet so impulsive as NASHVILLE PUSSY — a band that is not shy about expressing opinions loud and clear.

  1. She Keeps Me Coming And I Keep Going Back
  2. We Want A War
  3. Just Another White Boy
  4. Go Home And Die
  5. Low Down Dirty Pig
  6. Testify
  7. One Bad Mother
  8. Woke Up This Morning
  9. Drinking My Life Away
  10. Endless Ride
  11. Hang Tight
  12. CCKMP
  13. Trying To Pretend That I Give A Shit

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