Angel - The Casablanca Years (7CD Box Set)

Angel - The Casablanca Years (7CD Box Set)
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This box set features the six albums Angel released on Neil Bogart’s legendary Casablanca Records label, in addition to a seventh disc that contains mono mixes, single edits, soundtrack contributions, and other rarities. Angel expert Dave Reynolds contributes insightful liner notes to the box set’s included 28-page booklet, which also features rare photos and other memorabilia.

Disc One – Angel (1975)
‘Long Time’
‘Rock & Rollers’
‘Broken Dreams’
‘Sunday Morning’
‘On & On’
‘Angel (Theme)’

Disc Two – Helluva Band (1976)
‘Feelin’ Right’
‘The Fortune’
‘Anyway, You Want It’
‘Dr. Ice’
‘Pressure Point’
‘Chicken Soup’
‘Angel Theme’

Disc Three – On Earth As It Is On Heaven (1977)
‘Can You Feel It’
‘She’s A Mover’
‘Big Boy (Let’s Do It Again)’
‘Telephone Exchange’
‘White Lightning’
‘On The Rocks’
‘You’re Not Fooling Me’
‘That Magic Touch’
‘Cast The First Stone’
‘Just A Dream’

Disc Four – White Hot (1978)
‘Don’t Leave Me Lonely’
‘Ain’t Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore’
‘Hold Me, Squeeze Me’
‘Over And Over’
‘Under Suspicion’
‘Got Love If You Want It’
‘Stick Like Glue’
‘Flying With Broken Wings (Without You)’
‘You Could Lose Me’
‘The Winter Song’

Disc Five – Sinful (1979)
‘Don’t Take Your Love’
‘L.A. Lady’
‘Just Can’t Take It’
‘You Can’t Buy Love’
‘Bad Time’
‘Waited A Long Time’
‘I’ll Bring the Whole World to Your Door’
‘I’ll Never Fall In Love Again’
‘Wild And Hot’
‘Lovers Live On’

Disc Six – Live Without A Net (1980)
‘Can You Feel It ‘
‘Don’t Leave Me Lonely’
‘Telephone Exchange’
‘I Ain’t Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore’
‘Over and Over’
‘Anyway, You Want It’
‘On the Rocks’
‘Wild & Hot’
‘All the Young Dudes’
‘Rock & Rollers’
‘White Lightning’
‘Hold Me, Squeeze Me’
‘Got Love If You Want It’
‘Feelin’ Right’
‘20th Century Foxes’

Disc Seven – (Bonus Material)
‘Rock & Rollers’ – Mono Mix
‘That Magic Touch’ – Mono Mix
‘Winter Song’ – Mono Mix
‘Flying With Broken Wings’ (Without You) – Mono Mix
‘Don’t Leave Me Lonely’ – Mono Mix
‘Don’t Take Your Love’ – Mono Mix
‘20th Century Foxes’ – Mono Mix
‘Rock & Rollers’ – Single Edit
‘On & On’ – Single Edit
‘Tower’ – Single Edit
‘Don’t Leave Me Lonely’ – Single Edit
‘20th Century Foxes’ – Stereo Edit
‘Better Days’ – Single B-Side
‘Walk Away Renee’ – Anthology
‘Virginia’ – Foxes Soundtrack
‘20th Century Foxes’ – Foxes Soundtrack
‘The Christmas Song’ – Single Edit

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