Tame Impala - The Slow Rush (CD)

Tame Impala - The Slow Rush (CD)
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The highly anticipated The Slow Rush marks Tame Impala's (Kevin Parker) fourth full-length album overall and first studio effort since 2015's Grammy-nominated and BRIT Award-winning Currents. Recorded between Los Angeles and Parker's studio in his hometown of Fremantle, Australia, the twelve tracks were all recorded, produced and mixed by Parker himself.

  1. ‘One More Year’
  2. ‘Instant Delivery’
  3. ‘Borderline’
  4. ‘Posthumous Forgiveness’
  5. ‘Breathe Deeper’
  6. ‘Tomorrow’s Dust’
  7. ‘On Track’
  8. ‘Lost In Yesterday’
  9. ‘Is It True’
  10. ‘It Might Be Time’
  11. ‘Glimmer’
  12. ‘One More Hour’

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