Viagra Boys - Street Worms (CD)

Viagra Boys - Street Worms (CD)
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Label: YEAR0001
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"Sweden's worst kept secret!"

Produced by Daniel Fagerström (Skull Defects, Chronic Heist) and Pelle Gunnerfeldt (Fireside, The Hives), "Street Worms" is a post-punk album à la The Stooges meets The Birthday Party, or Devo crossed with The Fall, and takes you on a journey from the shrimp hut to the dog show. One minute you play rugby, the next you get eaten by worms. And between the fading lights and the strange facial expression of your friend, frontman Murphy reaches for your ears and asks you what you expect from life ...

1. Down on the Basement
2. Slow Learner
3. Sports
4. Best in Show
5. Just Like You
6. Shrimp Shack
7. Frogstrap
8. Worms
9. Amphetanarchy

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