Nina Hagen - Original Vinyl Classics (2LP)

Nina Hagen - Original Vinyl Classics (2LP)
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Born in the former GDR as daughter of the actress and singer Eva-Maria Hagen, Nina Hagen had had to fight against a patronizing system since her youth. Nevertheless, she can even look back on some hits there. The situation escalated, however, when the songwriter and husband of his mother, Wolf Biermann, was not allowed to return to the GDR after a performance in West Germany. As a result Nina and her mother also left the GDR. In Berlin (West) she finally founded the "Nina Hagen Band".

The self-titled debut album hit the nerve of the time and scratched the top 10 (#11) of the FRG charts, conquered the top 25 (#24) in neighbouring Austria and (of course) was not allowed to be sold in East Germany. The local youth nevertheless knew and loved it. Not least by the intrepid and wild appearance of the singer, the contemporary, innovative mix of punk, rock and something between opera and freestyle, as well as the cover version of The Tubes cult classic "White Punks on Dope" ("TV-Glotzer"), influenced by her first impressions of the West ("Ist alles so schön bunt hier"), the Nina Hagen quickly attracted international attention and could, besides great recognition, e.g. a gold award for the success of the debut album in Holland. Beside "TV-Glotzer" the tracklist of the album with "Rangehn", "Unbeschreiblich weiblich", "Auf'm Bahnhof Zoo", "Superboy" and others reads almost like a "Best Of".

With the follow-up album "unbehagen", many time works of celebrated debuts did not succeed, the album pushed itself effortlessly up to place 2 of the sales charts (and also in Austria on the outstanding place 9). As "front woman" Nina Hagen occupied a position in the international punk scene, which brought her to the same height with icons like Patti Smith. She is still known worldwide for her very special way and her extraordinary style.

The album "unbehagen" itself features like the debut with "African Reggae", the German Lene Lovich cover version "Wir leben immer...noch" (Lucky Number) or "Auf'm Rummel" another series of hits that have become classics in the meantime.

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