3 Doors Down – The Better Life: 20th Anniversary (2CD)

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Anniversary edition of the debut album from 3 Doors Down. The first disc is the album featuring the smash hit “Kryptonite” plus four bonus tracks: “The Better Life (XX Mix)”,  “Kryptonite (2000 Acoustic)”, “Be Like That (2000 Acoustic)” & “Wasted Me (Studio Version)”. Disc two is The Escatapwa Sessions of early home demo recordings, including the never-released “Dead Love” & “Man in My Mind”.

Disc 1 (The Better Life):
1. Kryptonite
2. Loser
3. Duck And Run
4. Not Enough
5. Be Like That
6. Life Of My Own
7. The Better Life
8. Down Poison
9. By My Side
10. Smack
11. So I Need You
12. The Better Life (XX Mix)
13. Kryptonite (2000 Acoustic)
14. Be Like That (2000 Acoustic)
15. Wasted Me (Studio Version)

Disc 2 (The Escatawpa Sessions):
1. Kryptonite (Escatawpa Sessions)
2. Loser (Escatawpa Sessions)
3. Life On My Own (Escatawpa Sessions)
4. Smack (Escatawpa Sessions)
5. Down Poison (Escatawpa Sessions)
6. Dead Love (Escatawpa Sessions)
7. Wasted Me (Escatawpa Sessions)
8. Man In My Mind (Escatawpa Sessions)
9. By My Side (Escatawpa Sessions)
10. Sarah Yellin’ 86 (Escatawpa Sessions)”



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