Amon Düül II – Vive La Trance (2LP)

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Label SPV
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Release Date 26/10/2018

Vive La Trance is the seventh studio album released by German Krautrock band Amon Düül II, released in 1973. Produced by Olaf Kübler and Amon Düül II and engineered by Peter Kramper, Vive La Trance was recorded and remixed at Bavaria Studios with additional remixing done at Union Studio München. The album sleeve’s photography was done by Falk U. Rogner and Gena Zimmerman, with additional design and artwork by Jürgen Rogner. The song “Mozambique” is dedicated to the political revolutionary Monika Ertl.

1. A Morning Excuse
2. Fly United
3. Jalousie
4. Im Krater Bl|Hn Wieder
5. Die Bdume
6. Mozambique
7. Apocalyptic Bore
8. Dr. Jeckyll

1. Trap
2. Pig Man
3. Manana
4. Ladies Mimikry
5. Hands Up, Fool (Bonus)
6. Pink Purple (Bonus)
7. Look (Bonus)
8. Bomb (Bonus)


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