Baby Woodrose – Third Eye Surgery (Coloured LP)

Format LP
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10th anniversary edition of the 6th Baby Woodrose album, limited to 500 copies on clear vinyl. All Baby Woodrose albums have a different vibe and with “Third Eye Surgery” they made their Space Rock album.

For the first time Lorenzo Woodrose combines the heavy psych of his side projects Dragontears and Spids Nogenhat with the fine songwriting of Baby Woodrose. No matter how much the fuzz guitar wails or the echo machine trills, there’s always a good song hiding under the rumble. Some of them are 6 minutes long, so there are only 9 songs on “Third Eye Surgery”.

Songs like “Nothing is Real” and “Love Like a Flower” have an Eastern feel thanks to Vicki Singh’s sitar, while Just a Ride sounds like a trip to India in more ways than one. Although the central songs on “Third Eye Surgery” like “Waiting for the War,” “Bullshit Detector” and the title track are rambling, there are also a few tracks that stand out. “Dandelion” is a sweet and melancholic psychedelic pop song that is also a duet with Emma Acs, while “Honalie” is a dreamy ballad that makes time stand still.

“Third Eye Surgery” was recorded at Black Tornado Studio in Copenhagen, produced by Anders “Evil Jebus” Onsberg and engineered by Lorenzo Woodrose. The artwork is by German artist Kiryk Drewinski, who has collaborated with the band several times and also designed the artwork for the demo collection Mindblowing Seeds and Disconnected Flowers, released in 2011.

1. Down To The Bottom (02:52)
2. Waiting For The War (02:26)
3. Dandelion (02:31)
4. Just A Ride (04:07)
5. Bullshit Detector (05:47)
6. Nothing Is Real (04:49)
7. Love Like A Flower (04:12)
8. Third Eye Surgery (05:29)
9. Honalee (05:38)


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