Balmorhea – The Wind (2LP)

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Texas based duo Balmorhea are back with new music! After an intensive five-year touring phase, the two founders of Balmorhea, Rob Lowe and Michael A. Muller, took a break from touring to improvise and experiment together again. The Wind was inspired by meditations on the natural world and its fragility, an ancient story about a saint who carried the wind into an empty French valley, and thoughts of climate activist Greta Thunberg, who crossed the Atlantic on the catamaran La Vagabonde. It draws a journey through an evocative soundscape created by echoes of prayer flags fluttering in a Himalayan breeze, an old harmonium, a pipe organ, a trio of double basses, wind chimes and beguiling guitar and piano instruments are touched. The Wind marks both a return to Balmorhea’s original constellation as a duo and a new beginning as their first album to be released by Deutsche Grammophon.


  1. Day Dawns In Your Right Eye
  2. Rose In Abstract
  3. La Vagabonde
  4. Landlessness
  5. Evening
  6. The Myth


  1. V
  2. Ne Plus Ultra
  3. Nos
  4. Vent Pontian
  5. The Crush
  6. Night Falls In Your Left



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