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Spearheaded by MIT graduate and studio enthusiast Tom Scholz, Boston almost single-handedly created arena rock on its 1976 debut. A classic rock juggernaut that has sold more than 17 million copies in America alone, Boston soars on the strength of reflective lyrics, contagious melodies, towering vocals, and one delicious hook after another.

And was Boston ever a unit. Scholtz’s strong masterful guitar chops, the late Brad Delp’s powerhouse vocals, Barry Goudreau’s rhythm guitar playing, Fran Sheehan’s bass action, and Sib Hashian’s dynamite drumming propelled the band to unforeseen heights.

If a group’s legacy can be determined on the basis of how long its music holds up, Boston’s ranks with the best. Smash songs such as “More Than A Feeling,” “Smokin’,” and “Long Time” remain staples on radio stations around the world. They are immediately distinctive and unfailingly uplifting.

Side A

1. More Than A Feeling
2. Peace Of Mind
3. Foreplay/Long Time

Side B

1. Rock & Roll Band
2. Smokin’
3. Hitch A Ride
4. Something About You
5. Let Me Take You Home Tonight


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