Candlemass – Ancient Dreams (CD)

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Reissued 1988 album, ‘Ancient Dreams’ was Candlemass’ third album. It featured a natural progression of slow-mid tempo epic arrangements from their previous release, ‘Nightfall’ with the unique tones & unmistakable voice of Messiah Marcolin still dominating proceedings on this pure Doom Metal classic. ‘Ancient Dreams’ was produced by Leif Edling and Candlemass and was recorded at Stockholm Recording studios in 1988.

        1. Mirror Mirror
        2. A Cry From the Crypt
        3. Darkness In Paradise
        4. Incarnation of Evil
        5. Bearer of Pain
        6. Ancient Dreams
        7. The Bells of Acheron
        8. Epistle No. 81
        9. Black Sabbath Medley


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