Carlos Santana ‎- Carlos Santana Plays Blues At Montreux 2004 (DVD)

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The blues has always been a vital component of Carlos Santana’s music. On a magical night at the Montreux Jazz Festival in July 2004, he was given the opportunity to present and to perform with three of his favourite bluesmen: Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown, Bobby Parker and Buddy Guy. This DVD captures the best of the performances and is a must have for any blues fan.

Carlos Santana with Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown
1. I’ve Got My Mojo Working 2. The Drifter 3. Grape Jelly 4. Okie Dokie Stomp

Carlos Santana with Bobby Parker
1. Chill Out 2. Mellow Down Easy 3.Watch Your Step

Carlos Santana with Buddy Guy
1. Stormy Monday 2.Jam Session 1 3. So Many Roads So Many Trains 4. .Jam Session 2


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