Ding An Sich – Ta Tvam Asi 23 (LP)

Format LP
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Ding An Sich was formed in Athens in the mid-80’s. Influenced by the Punk ethos and the Post-Punk aesthetics, they left their stigma in the local underground scene, with a handful of live shows and one 7” single release. Come early 90’s and the first transformation of the band occurred. More of a studio project with female vocalists and a change of style delving into the electronic/ethereal realms, they released the Nietzsche-inspired “The Wanderer & His Shadow” in 1996.

  • 180 gram heavyweight vinyl and gatefold paste-on cardboard sleeve, limited to 200 copies

Side One:
1. There Is No Abyss Between Thought And Action
2. Sleepwalker
3. Unconditional
4. The Trees

Side Two:
1. Icy Love
2. For Such a Whisper of Time
3. Industrial Gothic
4. The Six Betweens


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