Eli Paperboy Reed – Hits And Misses (LP)

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Eli Paperboy Reed’s Hits And Misses is a remastered collection of rarities, originals, & covers, featuring Eli’s spin on Motörhead’s “The Ace of Spades.” Eli takes Motorhead’s hard rock classic and reimagines it as a soul revival with Hammond organ, brass horns, electric guitar, Eli’s signature vocal wails and a backbeat that creates a new take on the song that is no less powerful than the original. Hits And Misses also includes Eli’s noirish R&B take on Steely Dan’s 1972 hit “Do It Again” that brings the original song back in time 30 years and a cover of Latimore’s 1974 hit “Let’s Straighten It Out,” showcasing a vocal intensity that’s not quite as present in the nearly spoken word original. In addition to covers, Eli Paperboy Reed’s original, IDKWYCTD (I Came to Play) is an anthemic party starter. This high-energy track is featured in Disney’s Marvel comic series, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur. The album also includes covers of Bob Dylan’s, “To Be Alone With You,” Merle Haggard’s “I’m Gonna Break Every Heart I Can,” and more.

        1. Ace of Spades
        2. Do It Again
        3. To Be Alone With You
        4. Anytime You Want Me
        5. Idkwyctd (I Came To Play)
        6. Let’s Straighten It Out
        7. Bad Girl
        8. I Don’t Know (What the World is Coming To)
        9. I’m Gonna Break Every Heart I Can
      10. That’s Love
      11. Steal Away


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