Entombed – Same Difference (Deluxe 2CD)

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‘Same Difference’ is the fifth full length album by Swedish metal band Entombed. It was originally released in 1998. Now re-released and re-mastered as a limited edition double LP on red vinyl and a double CD with bonus tracks.

CD 1
1. Addicition King
2. The Supreme Good
3. Clauses
4. Kick In The Head
5. Same Difference
6. Close But Nowhere Near
7. What You Need
8. High Waters
9. 20/20 Vision
10. The Day, The Earth
11. Smart Aleck
12. Jack Worm
13. Wolf Tickets
14. Dagger (bonus track)
15. Vices By Proxy (bonus track)

CD 2
1. The Supreme Good (Demo Early 1998)
2. Clauses (Demo Early 1998)
3. Jack Worm (Demo Early 1998)
4. 20/20 Vision (Demo Early 1998)
5. Deflowerd (Unfinished Demo Early 1998)
6. High Waters (4-track Demo Later 1998)
7. Smart Aleck (4-track Demo Later 1998)
8. Wolf Tickets (4-track Demo Later 1998)
9. Kick In The Head (4-track Demo Later 1998)
10. Dagger (4-track Demo Later 1998)
11. Punk Song (4-track Demo Later 1998)
12. Close But Nowhere Near ( Instrumental 4-track Demo Later 1998)
13. Addiction King (Live at Hultsfred 1999)
14. Clauses (Live at Hultsfred 1999)
15. Mezmerisation Eclipse (Live at Hultsfred 1999)


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